Company Background

Argyll Engraving officially opened for business on May 30th, 1996 by Mike Campbell. The concept of a trophy shop came about when an existing business decided to sell its equipment and materials. A new name for the trophy shop was acquired once the transaction was complete. The crest was developed from the family coat of arms of the Campbell’s of Argyll Clan. This is why the name is spelt ARGYLL and not ARGYLE.

Before the business was started Mike remembered how friends and acquaintances in the school system and cadets were concerned with the rising costs of products in their area. Nametags for example were as much as $6.00 each and did not directly follow the design required by the military. Schools could no longer afford the type of award from previous years and had to downgrade to a small award or drop the award from the curriculum all together. Trying to cater to these concerns is what formed the goal of the business.

What is this goal? The goal of Argyll is to assist schools, businesses, service clubs, and other non-profit organizations by providing awards and badge-ware at an affordable price.

Mike was born and raised in Picton. He holds a 3 Year Business Administration diploma from mike_kerryLoyalist College located in Belleville, Ontario. Mike has also works with 851 Prince Edward Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Picton and held many positions within the Organization. Mike currently resides in Picton with his wife Karie.